Pukkamex is a crypto derivative high leverage trading
platform that shares its revenue with its userbase and
token holders.

Yes, it’s accessbile on mvp.pukkamex.com

We charge an industry low of 0.075% taker fee and a
0.025% maker rebate.

All the unsold tokens will be moved to a dedicated address where they will be held.

The PUX tokens are airdropped to PUX token holders monthly relative to their holdings to total supply of PUX.

pukkamex greatly appreciates the participation of our community members! A smart contract airdrops GO equivalent to the USD revenue generated each week, at approximately 12 PM GMT on Sunday. The reward is sent directly to the PUX holder’s Go-20 address. Each holder is rewarded relative to their PUX Holdings.

Many, but the main three are: Copy Trading, Weekly Community Reward Airdrop and our PUX Points and Anti-Liquidation Insurance.

Refer to our white paper and website for more details or email us on

[email protected] for more information.

Early access has now closed. Our early supporters were
rewarded with 2 weeks of zero free trading accounts in
addition to other prizes. Refer to our article for more
information about our early access program.

The native pukkamex token is PUX. PUX holders are rewarded by receiving a weekly airdrop in GO tokens equivalent to 25% of gross revenue via smart contract.

pukkamex will also be employing a buyback and token burn mechanism, read our whitepaper to learn more.

Pukkamex is proud to be the first ICO to launch on
GoChain. The ICO and the Weekly Community Reward Airdrop smart
contract will both be deployed on GoChain.

A fully detailed sheet is available for download on our

Forces of supply and demand. However, the PUX tokens can
be valued using a DCF model.

We accept GO, BTC, USD and/or Ether during our private
sale. Only USDT tokens are accepted during the IEO on

pukkamex will be conducting an IEO on Lbank on the 23d of August 2019! Read here for more information.

All you need to do is sign up on Lbank.info and deposit USDT into your account. Alternatively, you can email us on
[email protected] for additional information.

Soft cap for the project is 1.5 million and hard cap is
set at 3.75 million US$.